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By | August 11, 2023

Your days of worries on where and how to get UNN Post UTME Past Questions & Answers On Mathematics pdf  are over because this site is designed to give you easier access to Univerisity of Nigeria (UNN) post UTME past questions and answers for Mathematics students. We have the complete and up to date University of Nigeria Nsukka post utme past questions and answers on Mathematics for you. So, if you are preparing to write the UNN post UTME screening examination in the department of Mathematics  and perhaps looking for past questions and answers then, you definitely will have it here.

The  UNN department of Mathematics is absolutely one of the toughest departments to gain admission into.This situation is almost the same across every reputable institution in Nigeria. Students who are vying for admission into this very department work even extra hard to be admitted. Most institution admits very few numbers of students, making it quite competitive to have your name shortlisted even after scoring pretty high in JAMB.

However, most students fall apart regardless of their stands. One really needs to prepare well as most times brilliance and smartness disappoint. You’ve got to really prepare well and with the aid of past questions, it is assumed you should have a bit of edge over others.

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The File Details

  • Name: UNN Post UTME Past Questions & Answers on Mathematics
  • Type: PDF
  • Years Covered: 2007 – Date

This  UNN post UTME past questions & answers on Mathematics pdf consists of University of Nigeria(UNN) post UTME past Questions & answers arranged according to their subjects that is  related to  department of Mathematics. This UNN post UTME past questions & answers on MATHEMATICS covers a good number of years including the recently held post-UTME exams. You will be happy to get this and start getting prepared for your forthcoming examination right away. You sure need to pass this examination, and you will. Congratulation in advance.

How Many Questions are There in UNN Post UTME

UNN post utme question is usually 40 in number spread across the subject combined with the majority of questions coming most from English in some departments. For example, those in science faculty will likely see something like this;

Twenty (20) questions from English Language Four (4) questions from Biology
Four (4) questions from Physics
Four (4) questions from Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer or as may be decided in the post utme screening committee.


Note: The main purpose of this past question and answer is to reveal to you the nature and scope of the school’s post UTME examination as well as help you gain confidence before the examination. We at buypastquestions.com cannot specifically tell you that the actual questions for the examination will come from this post UTME past questions and answers. Nevertheless, we are certain that you will be on the fly after preparing your memory with this resource here.


Note: University of Nigeria Nsukka Post UTME past question and Answers are not for free, rather they for bout 2000 naira only.Do not allow anyone to lie to you that they are free.

Downloading the UNN post UTME past questions & answers on Mathematics  PDF on buypastquestion.com is pretty straightforward. Please see the paragraphs below for guides on how to download it.

Below is some part of the contents of the UNN post UTME past questions and answers for PDF.


1. Find the sum to infinity of the series 4+3+9/4+ 27/16 +…

A. 16




2. If the 8th term of an A.P is three times the second term and the sum of the first three terms is 18. Find the first term of the A.P





3. In an examination, all the candidates offered at least one of English and French, if 53% offered French and 65% offered English. What percentage offered French only?





4. A student dropped an object from a building 100m high. If the height of the object above the ground after t seconds is 100 + 4.9t2m. How fast is it falling 3 seconds after it is dropped?


B.85.3 m/s

C.29.4 m/s


5. If 2609-1002=66n, find n





6. Express 8×10-6– 2×10-5 as a fraction





7. If x-2 is a factor of px3+ 2×2- 2p+ 12. Find p.





8. If and y(-1)= 8. Find y(x)





9. If the mean of the numbers 4, 3, 5, x, 7 is 5. Find the variance





10. Find if y= 2×2-sin2x

A. 4x+ 2cosx

B. 4x- 2cosx

C. 4x+2cos2x

D. 4x-2cosx

Method of Payment

In other to get the material delivered to your mailbox in PDF format, you are to make a bank deposit of ₦2000 naira to the following bank details:

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After payment, please send The Following to this Number ‘09169838368

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Why Do You Really Need Past Questions For Post UTME Exams?

There are numerous reasons honestly. Firstly, to know the nature of the Post UTME exams in the school. The other reason is to familiarise yourself with how questions are set. Believe me, lots of questions do repeat itself which is one of the concrete reasons you need this document.

How to Use Past Question Papers Effectively

Getting past questions is never an automatic ticket to passing this examination and perhaps being listed on the admission list. You must sit down, spend your time studying, and also study wide as well. The questions may not come directly as found on this question papers, which is the reason we advise you to study from both ends. However, We have supplied the answers to these questions in the last pages of this document. You can use your textbooks to confirm the answers if you wish.

Tips and Tricks About All Post UTME Exams

Let us share with you some great and lovely tricks and facts about post UTME Past questions that have really worked over the years now.

1 Questions Don’t Arrive From Sky and They Come From Your Syllabus

One thing that gets students sick even before the examination is the fear of what the questions will look like. It is quite laughable, isn’t it? Oh, well I will spare you because of your level at this time. Well, to help you out, questions come from the syllabus you have, and believe me there is no way you genuinely pass jamb and you won’t pass post UTME of any institution here in Nigeria.

2 Watch Out For Reshuffled Questions 

Do exams panel or post UTME screening committee get tired of setting new questions? Maybe no will be the answers. But do questions repeat themselves? Yes, on so many occasions questions do come exactly how they were in years gone by. Meanwhile, we are not asking you to go and cram questions into your head and hide anything to support yourself but you have to take note of repeated questions if you can. In the compilation we will send to you, it consists of years past, so you can sit down to go over it as many times as you can.

3 Show Confidence Like You Know What Are About Doing

Do you call it exam phobia? Honestly, I have never had such, in as much as I know exactly what I’m going in for. Most students sweat all over the body while in the examination center and I wonder exactly what they are going through. A little research I and my team back then in school had to carry out to see exactly what could prompt this shows; On most occasions is lack of confidence. They know exactly what to do but the ability to sit down and execute it lies the problem.

4 Avoid Being Distracted

The ability to keep focus can determine so much in examinations. From personal experience, the inability to keep focus can even be worst than not knowing what to write. This is the main reason each examination hall is made to be as comfortable as it can be. In the case of being distracted by fellow students, weel, this is an almost natural occurrence in the Nigerian school system. Unluckily you may be sent out of the exams hall. People have been this trap before and it could be as painful as anything else.

5 Try To Merch Speed with Perfection

You and I know how little the timing for post UTME examinations are. Calm down and get it right is always the watchword; but imagine answering 50 questions out of 100. The chances are, you may score 45 given how brilliant you are, but is it enough to scale through? No. So try showing a good pace while also doing the right thing.

6 Check Back and Fourth Before Concluding 

Lastly, make sure you go all over again before submitting your answer sheets to avoid kiddy mistakes. Like in no. 4, matching speed with accuracy can be very difficult, so I will always advise that you check back before submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Am I Sure I Will Get Past Questions After Payment?

The truth is, we have not had any of our customers complaining about our delivery or any of our services; Rather they call to express their satisfaction after a successful transaction. We have been in the business for quite a number of years – operating offline before moving to online platform years back.

How Genuine Are The Past Questions?

We get past questions directly from school, organizations, and other body screening and examination teams. We try as much as we can to get and update yearly if available. In the case of recruitment past questions, we update them after each recruitment set. However, before each transaction, we usually tell our customers the state of our past questions; i.e the start and stop year. So, feel free to work with us.

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